The only product to overcome fire regulations and security requirements on a square bolt deadlock.

The MSB62-333 is the latest innovation in lock monitoring technology which overcomes the issue of a door with a square bolt deadlock not latching if the square bolt dead lock is locked with the door in the open position.

The lock monitoring box comes supplied with one change over contact that can be used for multiple applications. Standard security wiring applies depending on the installation system and requirements.

Key features

  • Fire regulations and security requirements on a square bolt deadlock
  • 4 hour fire rated


Any door that requires dual locking such as:

  • Secure rooms
  • Commercial offices
  • High security buildings
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Universities and schools
  • Hospitals major utilities


  • Can be installed in steel, aluminium or wooden frames
  • Comes with metal frame fixing kit


  • Stainless steel box
  • Removable side for easy access
  • Stainless steel face plate


  • Included lever arm tamper switch
  • Incorporates security screws to secure face plate


  • Compatible with MOST square bolt type deadlocks
  • Compatible with the DLLH-33 Dual Lock Lever Handle
  • 45mm minimum frame thickness
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