DLLH 54 Series – Dual Lock Lever Handle – Narrow Style

1st lever lock swing bolt combination to work on narrow style frames.

The Dual Lock Lever Handle – Narrow Style has been designed and developed exclusively for single lever action to open dual lock doors.

This innovative technology offers a single lever that activates both locks simultaneously in one smooth action. This overcomes the existing problem of having to use a double handed action with dual locks to open a door.

The standard DLLH-54 has been enhanced to incorporate a turn snib (DLLH-54 T) which allows the top deadbolt to be activated internally via the turn snib. This does not affect the single downward action of the handle which will release both locks simultaneously.

Highlighting Features:

  • Single lever actuates both locks simultaneously
  • Suitable for narrow style frames
  • Adjustable external escutcheon

Key Features:

  • Designed to suit Lockwood locks
  • Quality latch & swing bolt combination
  • Heavy duty lever return spring
  • Concealed fixing from outside
  • Smooth lever handle operation
  • Sold as a pair – Internal / External handle


Any door that requires dual locking such as:

  • Secure Rooms
  • Commercial offices
  • High security buildings
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Universities & Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Major Utilities


  • Powdercoat colours

Technical Specifications:

  • Door thickness: 45mm (standard)
  • Screws and spindles supplied to suit doors with a 45mm-50mm thickness (standard)
  • Plate furniture – 390mm long x 50mm wide x 12mm depth
  • Extended screws and spindles can be supplied on request
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