AMS CT20 – Cable Transfer

A safe transfer for all cables within a system.

The AMS CT20 cable transfer offers flexibility with a 20mm internal dimension spring. This allows additional cables to be pulled through the spring in applications that require multiple cables.

Spring retracts into casing when door is closed.

Key Features:

  • 20mm internal dimensions
  • Able to take all cables
  • Suitable for use with double doors


  • Can be used with timber or aluminium doors


  • Mild steel chrome plated box
  • Sprung steel chrome plated spring


  • Casing – 290mm long x 25mm wide x 16 deep
  • Spring – 180mm long
  • Diameter – 20mm internal and external


  • Mortised into the edge of a timber or aluminium door on the hinge side
  • The spring is attached to the door and frame with screws provided


  • Used in applications where the door has been core drilled for electrical cabling
  • In a double-door installation where the fixed leaf must be core drilled for an electric strike or an AMS lock monitoring box
  • The cable transfer is concealed on the hinge side of the door and is not visible until the door has been opened
  • Can be used on 180 degree opening doors
Download CT20 Product Flyer
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