MSB62-DP01 – Dual Pole Lock Monitoring Box

Commercial application on roller doors with motors.

The AMS Dual Pole Lock Monitoring Box is designed to work on motorised/ commercial roller doors.

The Lock Monitoring Box works in conjunction with the ADI 5004 bolt or most round bolt locks. It provides a monitored signal when the bolt is thrown but also cuts the power to the door motor when the bolt is locked to eliminate the possibility of the motor burning out.


  • Mild steel
  • Seam welded
  • Removable internal box for ease of wiring
  • 4mm Stainless steel face plate
  • Oval / Elongated hole allows doors to move without jamming


  • 216mm x 102mm x 28mm


  • Includes plunger micoswitch
  • Lever arm tamper switch
  • Security screws to face plate
  • Can take all EOLM’s (end of line modules)

Technical Specifications:

The Lock Monitoring Box is supplied with two change over contacts to provide lockout functionality on roller doors. Standard security wiring applies depending on the installation system and requirements.


  • Can be mounted on most roller door frames
  • Outer box is mounted on the door frame/channel and the inner box is mounted inside the outer box attached through the face plate.


  • With most round bolt locks


  • Roller doors to secure perimeters
  • Roller grills
  • Automatic doors
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